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I saw this and it made me think of the extra gain in years in the Iglesias for Ramirez trade. Ramirez: 2024. Building out longer stability? Is there a theme here?
I doubt the control is the main focus since Ramirez seems like a reliever and the Reds seems to be taking the approach of a flexible bullpen from year to year. It just seems to me like they are getting guys in return who may have more than meets the eye, the control a nice addition should one of them pan out though. Ramirez had some nice K numbers in 2018-2019, those disappeared in the short season last year. Seems to be effective against RHB and has experience as an opener, which I could see the Reds using from time to time in 2021.

Hoffman could have huge upside should Derek Johnson and company be able to straighten him out outside of Coors. IIRC he has a hammer of a curve.