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Thread: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    · 50m
    Good afternoon. The #Mets' agreement with their top draft pick Kumar Rocker is in limbo after the team expressed concerns about Rocker's pitching elbow. Here is our story: https://bit.ly/3zMPx0l
    Apparently they’re not signing him


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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

    Incredible. The past 3 years it was a slam dunk Rocker would go number 1 in this draft. He not only didn’t go one, he slipped out of the top 10 and then didn’t sign. Wild stuff. Something must be very wrong with his elbow.
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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

    so, here are the reds' top-10 2021 draft picks in order based on signing bonus:

    1. McLain $4.6M (pick #1 for reds out of 22 total)
    2. Allen $2.4M (pick #2)
    3. Nelson $2.1M (pick #3)
    4. Abbott $1.3M (pick #4
    5. Torres $622K (pick #5)
    6. Farr $297K (pick #7)
    7. Guilliams $272K (pick #13)
    8. Thompson $250K (pick #8)
    9. Abel $175K (pick #9)
    10. Ibarra $172K (pick #6)


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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

    The tracker seems to show that Javi Rivera is not signed, but this leads me to believe he is: https://twitter.com/FAUCoachMac/stat...379394/photo/1


    Gallen5862 (08-10-2021)

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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

    I updated it.
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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates


    The signing deadline was Sunday, August 1st for drafted players w/ no remaining eligibility. Just 3 players drafted in the first ten rounds failed to sign, additionally another 43 players drafted in the 11th to 20th rounds failed to sign. In total, 27 of the 46 unsigned players were highschool selections, 21 of the 46 unsigned players were drafted in the 19th or 20th rounds.

    The three prominent draftees that will not be turning pro this year are Vanderbilt pitcher Kumar Rocker (Mets, first round selection), Florida outfielder Jud Fabian (Red Sox, second round selection) and Calvary Christian Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) shortstop Alex Ulloa (Astros, fourth round selection). The Mets, Red Sox, and Astros had their total pool allotment reduced due to their failure to sign the three players. The three clubs are in-line to receive compensation in next year's draft; though the draft’s rules could potentially change in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement making those compensation picks obsolete.

    With 309 of the 312 total picks among the first 10 rounds signing, that portion of the 2021 class signed at a 99.04% rate, a rate which is consistent with previous years. What is different from previous years is an overall signing rate of 92.48% (566 of 612), which comes in much higher than previous drafts thanks to the draft being shortened from 40 to 20 rounds. In recent drafts later round selections signed at much lesser rates than this year's 85.67% rate (257 of 300) for 11th to 20 round selections.

    Jack Leiter, who went No. 2 overall to the Rangers, received the highest bonus in the 2021 Draft and the fourth-highest ever at $7,922,000. The 28 first-rounders who signed averaged $4,066,993, just short of the record $4,080,308 established a year ago.

    The average bonus for a 1st-10th round draftee this year was $837,762. In total, only 55 of the 309 players who were drafted and signed in the first 10 rounds signed for less than $125,000. The smallest signing bonus from that group was just $1,000; awarded to 5th year senior Riley Martin who was drafted in the 6th-round.

    The average bonus for a post-10th round draftee this year was $126,615. In total, 43 players who were drafted and signed post-10th round signed for more than $125,000, a portion of each of their contracts counted towards their teams' overall pool. An additional 121 players drafted and signed after the post-10th round signed for exactly $125,000, and 93 players drafted and signed after the post-10th round signed for less than $125,000, with the lowest figure coming in at $10,000.

    The highest bonus handed out after the 10th round this year went to highschool left-hander Mason Albright, who signed with the Angels for a post-10th round record $1,247,500.

    Other bonuses of note post-10th round included right-hander Kyle Larsen, who signed with the Rangers for $575,000 as an 18th-rounder; left-hander Caden Vire, who signed with the Brewers for $497,500 as an 12th-rounder; right-hander Chase Silseth, who signed with the Angels for $485,000 as an 11th-rounder; left-hander Adam Shoemaker, who signed with the Braves for $477,500 as an 11th-rounder; catcher Luca Tresh, who signed with the Royals for $423,000 as an 17th-rounder; shortstop Brennon McNair, who signed with the Royals for $347,500 as an 11th-rounder; two-way star Quinton Low, who signed with the Brewers for $347,500 as an 13th-rounder; catcher Tucker Mitchell, who signed with the Rangers for $325,000 as a 14th-rounder; right-hander Bryce McGowan, who signed with the Rockies for $300,000 as an 18th-rounder; and right-hander Jake Miller, who signed with the Indians for $300,000 as a 20th-rounder.

    Note, of the 88 draftees out of highschool who chose to sign (additional 27 failed to sign) only 2 signed for less than $125,000.

    Non Drafted Free Agents can be signed to a maximum of $20,000 this year, to date 131 players have signed as NDFA's (a list that is expected to grow by at least a few additional players - those of whom are out of collegiate eligibility and are still allowed to sign past the deadline), these players bonuses will not count towards their respective club's pool allotment. Most of the NDFA's are collegiate seniors with no remaining eligibility though 3 of the 131 NDFA's are from highschool; 2 of the 3 are from Puerto Rico and the third is a Dominican born and raised young man who immigrated to Rhode Island a little over a year ago (interestingly enough he went unsigned as an eligible International Free Agent two years ago while in the D.R.). All 3 of the highschool players have a clause in their contracts to receive tuition for 4 years at a U.S. college if/when they retire from baseball.

    All told, the 30 clubs combined to spend $291,408,490 on signing bonuses for draftees in 2021, the third-highest total in Draft history behind 2019 ($316,560,984) and 2018 ($294,648,102), both of which consisted of 40 rounds compared to 20 this July.

    The Tigers led all teams by spending $16,165,700, followed by the Pirates at $15,938,700, the fourth- and fifth-highest amounts in Draft history. Thirteen clubs topped $10 million in spending in this year's draft. The Astros brought up the rear by spending $3,427,500.

    Including this year's draft, in ten years with collectively bargained bonus pool rules, teams have outspent their allotments a total of 172 times, but never by more than 5 percent. The Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Giants have done so every year, and this go around 16 of the other 26 teams joined them by exceeding their assigned 2021 Rule 4 Draft Pools. Those 20 clubs combined spent $7,754,000 over their allotted amounts - combined they will pay $5,816,000 in taxes too MLB's central fund. Those taxes will be paid-out equally amongst the remaining eligible clubs.



    +++In the ten seasons that the MLB/MLBPA CBA has instituted draft pools, the Reds have gone over their pool allotment on 4 separate occasions...
    -in 2016 - paying $454K in taxes; incurred on $606K in overages due primarily from the late signing of NDFA T.J. Friedl,
    -in 2018 - paying $410K in taxes; incurred on $547K in overages due primarily from the overslot signing of 4th round selection Michael Siani,
    -in 2019 - paying $358K in taxes; incurred on $477K in overages due primarily from the overslot signing of 3rd round selection Tyler Callihan,
    -in 2021 - paying $426K in taxes; incurred on $568K in overages due primarily from the overslot signing of 1st round selection Matt McLain.

    Reds: Total Expenditures $13,638,300, Pool $11,905,700, Total Expenditures counted towards Pool $12,473,300, Overage 4.77%, Tax Owed $425,700 (75 cents per $)

    2021 - 1 - 17 - $4,625,000 - Matt McLain
    2021 - 1 - 30 - $2,397,500 - Jay Allen
    2021 - 1 - 35 - $2,093,300 - Mat Nelson
    2021 - 2 - 53 - $1,300,000 - Andrew Abbott
    2021 - 3 - 89 - $622,500 - Jose Torres
    2021 - 4 - 119 - $172,500 - Ruben Ibarra
    2021 - 5 - 150 - $297,500 - Thomas Farr
    2021 - 6 - 180 - $247,500 - Justice Thompson
    2021 - 7 - 210 - $172,500 - Kevin Abel
    2021 - 8 - 240 - $142,500 - Hunter Parks
    2021 - 9 - 270 - $127,500 - Jack Rogers
    2021 - 10 - 300 - $127,500 - Donovan Benoit
    2021 - 11 - 330 - $272,500 - Shawn Guilliams
    2021 - 12 - 360 - $125,000 - Julian Aguiar
    2021 - 13 - 390 - $125,000 - Mike Trautwein
    2021 - 14 - 420 - $125,000 - Carter Raffield
    2021 - 15 - 450 - $125,000 - Blake Dunn
    2021 - 16 - 480 - $80,000 - Owen Holt
    2021 - 17 - 510 - $100,000 - Dennis Boatman
    2021 - 18 - 540 - $125,000 - Austin Callahan
    2021 - 19 - 570 - $110,000 - Ryan Cardona
    2021 - 20 - 600 - $125,000 - Javier Rivera

    *(2017-2021 drafts: For players signed Post-10th round, their bonus portion in excess of $125,000 counts towards teams' signing pool (in excess of $100,000 in 2012 - 2016 drafts)
    **(There was no cap on NDFA signing bonuses prior to the 2020 draft, any amount in excess of the previously mentioned maximums counted towards teams' signing pools)
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    Re: 2021 MLB Draft Tracker and signing updates

    *Missing from the initial draft excel sheet is the Reds 4th NDFA signee.

    RHP'er Cameron Cowan from Campbell University (formerly from DII Kirkwood Community College).

    He signed a week after the draft ended, he's recovering from Tommy John Surgery he underwent this past March.

    Cowan is memorable for striking out 15 batters against South Alabama in his Campbell University debut back in February of 2020. He lost that game 1-0 due to the solo-shot homerun he also gave up.



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