How much will it cost to get this team back to where it is now?

With the same holes to fill and a disgusted fan base?

Even the casual fan knows when the bullpen blows a game.

Going to a major league game and seeing a bullpen thatís not major league is like going to the fruit and vegetable stand and buying an apple, hoping for Grade A Fancy, expecting Grade B, and getting Grade D.

Letís not forget that Reds relievers are real people, have families and are probably kind to dogs, but so are truck drivers.

The owners are likely to say that anything they could do now would be be too little and too late, but this is a team that will load the bases down five runs in the ninth.

You know whatís more popular than a popular player on a losing team?

If they could bench Votto, they can bench Suarez.

There are a lot of really good, lovable people in the world who are not starting major leaguers.

Iíve been to the Reds Hall of Fame and there are no trophies for breaking even.