Besides his numerous hits as an independent producer from his own company (listed below), he served as Fox's Film Division when he promoted to their President that they produce "Star Wars". He continually fought for getting this accomplished until it became legend. He was later President of Fox with "Alien" being one of his movies. He was also the son of the great film icon Alan Ladd and brother-in-law of Cheryl Ladd.

The Walking Stick
A Severed Head
1971 Villain
The Nightcomers Executive producer
1972 Zee and Co.
Fear Is the Key
1984 Police Academy Executive producer
1988 Vice Versa Executive producer
1990 Death Warrant
1995 The Brady Bunch Movie Executive producer
1996 The Phantom
A Very Brady Sequel
1998 The Man in the Iron Mask Executive producer
2005 An Unfinished Life
2007 Gone Baby Gone
2022 Elvis