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I don't think the issue here is breaks. It's that if you don't say exactly what others, who have been here a long time, want to hear at the right time, you are just treated as if you don't exist. Or if they don't like you they'll just try and run you off. One of them asked me why I had "PLEASE REMOVE MY ACCOUNT" in my signature. They've never said a kind word to me or discussed the game with me. Just wanted, ya know, to create an issue about it in a game thread. The other person, long time member here, attempted to poo poo on me in the forum with a nasty and snarky message at my expense, and when I called him out on it there was no apology, nothing.
I asked you a while back why you had please delete my account. But I have liked several of your posts and discussed the game with you in game threads before. Maybe others besides me asked same question? I don't know. I was just curious why you had that. Nothing else.