May's already half over. Kids everywhere are dreaming of summer. So are teachers. Parents are checking to see when and where they might vacation-- or if they can.

If you're already on vacation in Daytona, Dayton, Chattanooga, or Louisville, you may want to try out the old ballpark. There are some interesting pitchers going.

At 1:05, the Bats turn to Mike Minor, former All-Star. He's thrown more than 200 innings since that All-Star berth and compiled an ERA north of 5.00. Woof. He's pitching for the Bats, at any rate. Maybe Joey Votto will play again. That'd be cool. He was perfect yesterday.

Chattanooga has Brandon Williamson going. He was not great in his last start-- couldn't seem to find the strike zone. That's been a season-long struggle for the former Aggie. He pitches at 2:15.

Dayton has Princeton alum James Proctor pitching at 1:05. The Dragons have struggled lately, stumbling to a 5-5 record over their last 10, but are still head and shoulders ahead of the teams in their division. Dayton's up 3.5 on Great Lakes. Proctor's only pitched 17.1 innings this year, but he's been solid overall. A penchant for nibbling has limited those innings. He's not striking anyone out yet, as his 6.4 K rate would suggest. That'll have to get better.

Finally, Daytona has the earliest game of a slate of day games. They start at high noon. The Tugas have struggled to string together hits lately. Julian Aguiar toes the rubber for Daytona. He's been more than acceptable. That 2.45 ERA looks really good. So does the 0.846 WHiP. Hardly any walks or hits, obviously. An 11.6 K rate too. The 21-year-old looks like a nice signing so far. He's definitely one to watch.