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I didn’t say it’s all about the money, I said everyone needs money. A $10M or so difference when you are talking about $100M+ isn’t going to motivate anyone. This is all happening because the PAC and Big 12 were going to be $40M plus a year off with no plan or options on how to close that gap.
Again, same debate. I found a post from a different board. ND actually got north of $15M from the ACC. So the difference is less than $10M to go to the B1G.

I pulled this form the csnbbs board. CliftonAve was the poster.

I did a little more digging and Notre Dame received $10.8M from the ACC for the Olympic sports. https://www.si.com/.amp/college/2022/05/...e-football

They also receive a $5M share of the ACC Network and share in their bowl revenues. When Notre Dame went to the CFP they got to keep all of the $6M for appearing in the semi-final. Add it all up and it is roughly $100M.