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Thread: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

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    Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    We are less that 2 weeks away from the rule 5 draft so I figured this would be a good time to write a little bit about it. There are 2 phases to the draft.

    Major league phase. Any player not on the 40 man roster can be claimed. You have to have an open spot on your roster to claim someone. If you claim a player, they have to remain in your active 26 man roster all season or have to be returned to their original team. There are only a few players I am worried about losing. Ivan Johnson, Ryan Nutof and TJ Hopkins.

    Minor league phase. Any player, not on the 40 man roster or on the AAA Louisville roster is at risk. Basically, the Reds can protect 78 players, if Iím understanding it right. Look for the Reds to add players from lower levels to the AAA roster to protect them. If you select a player in the minor league phase, they can be placed at any level. I look for the Reds to lose and gain several players in the minor league phase.

    Players that have to be protected, I think I see a couple names of players that are no longer with the team. Iíll have to look them up when I get a chance.

    James Free
    Daniel Vellojin
    Michel Triana
    Ivan Johnson
    Quincy McAfee
    Nick Quintana
    Nickolas Northcut
    TJ Hopkins
    Drew Mount
    Brian Rey
    Quin Cotton
    Ashton Creal
    Randy Wynn
    Eduardo Salazar
    Connor Curlis
    Tanner Cooper
    Jacob Heatherly
    Daniel Duarte
    Michael Byrne
    Eddy Demurias
    Andy Fisher
    Ryan Nutof
    Pedro Garcia
    Nick Howard
    Evan Kravetz
    Spencer Stockton
    Luis Mey
    Jayvien Sandridge
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    Re: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    2022 Rule 5 Draft results: Pick by pick

    December 7th, 2022 Jonathan Mayo

    Major League phase
    Nationals (38) -- RHP Thad Ward (BOS) becomes Nationals' No. 13 prospect
    A’s (38) -- 1B Ryan Noda (LAD) becomes A's No. 26 prospect
    Pirates (38) -- LHP Jose Hernandez (LAD)
    Reds (39) -- OF Blake Sabol (PIT)
    Royals (40) -- Roster full
    Tigers (38) -- RHP Mason Englert (TEX) becomes Tigers' No. 26 prospect
    Rangers (40) -- Roster full
    Rockies (38) -- RHP Kevin Kelly (CLE)
    Marlins (39) -- RHP Nic Enright (CLE) becomes Marlins' No. 24 prospect
    Angels (40) -- Roster full
    D-backs (40) -- Roster full
    Cubs (36) -- Pass
    Twins (39) -- Pass
    Red Sox (39) -- Pass
    White Sox (36) -- RHP Nick Avila (SF)
    Giants (39) -- Pass
    Orioles (38) -- RHP Andrew Politi (BOS)
    Brewers (38) -- RHP Gus Varland (LAD)
    Rays (39) -- Pass
    Phillies (38) -- RHP Noah Song (BOS)
    Padres (34) -- LHP Jose Lopez (TB) becomes Padres' No. 22 prospect
    Mariners (37) -- RHP Chris Clarke (CHC) becomes Mariners' No. 28 prospect
    Guardians (39) -- Pass
    Blue Jays (39) -- Pass
    Cardinals (38) -- RHP Wilking Rodriguez (NYY)
    Yankees (39) -- Pass
    Mets (34) -- RHP Zach Greene (NYY) becomes Mets' No. 25 prospect
    Braves (38) -- Pass
    Astros (37) -- Pass
    Dodgers (37) -- Pass
    There is also a Minor League phase of the Rule 5 Draft, with the costs rising from $12,000 to $24,000 for a Triple-A pick (anyone not protected on a big league or Triple-A roster is eligible). The Double-A phase has been eliminated. Players selected in this portion of the Rule 5 Draft aren't subject to any roster restrictions with their new organizations.

    Minor League phase
    Round 1
    A's -- RHP Joelvis Del Rosario (PIT)
    Pirates -- RHP Wei-Chieh Huang (SF)
    Reds -- RHP Kyle Glogoski (PHI)
    Royals -- SS Shervyen Newton (PHI)
    Tigers -- RHP Layne Henderson (HOU)
    Rockies -- LHP Eli Lingos (CLE)
    Marlins -- 3B Dane Myers (DET)
    Angels -- C Ronaldo Flores (SF)
    D-backs -- RHP Taylor Rashi (SF)
    Cubs -- LHP Jose Aquino (SEA)
    Twins -- OF Armani Smith (SF)
    Red Sox -- LHP Joe Jacques (PIT)
    White Sox -- RHP Ernesto Jaquez (HOU)
    Orioles -- RHP Alfred Vega (NYY)
    Brewers -- 2B Isaac Collins (COL)
    Rays -- RHP Hector Perez (BAL)
    Phillies -- SS Pedro Martinez (TB)
    Padres -- 3B Evan Mendoza (STL)
    Mariners -- 1B Francisco Tostado (SF)
    Guardians -- RHP Bradley Hanner (MIN)
    Blue Jays -- C Kekai Rios (LAD)
    Cardinals -- C Jose Alvarez (HOU)
    Yankees -- LHP Pablo Mujica (KC)
    Mets -- RHP Wilkin Ramos (PIT)
    Braves -- RHP Domingo Gonzalez (PIT)
    Astros -- LHP Max Roberts (SEA)
    Dodgers -- RHP Yon Castro (NYY)

    Round 2
    Pirates -- OF Joshua Palacios (WSH)
    Reds -- RHP Brooks Crawford (SF)
    Rockies -- RHP Nicholas Kuzia (DET)
    Marlins -- RHP Austin Roberts (PIT)
    Angels -- OF Jared Oliva (PIT)
    D-backs -- RHP Denny Larrondo (NYY)
    Cubs -- RHP Nick Burdi (SD)
    Twins -- SS Yohander Martinez (HOU)
    Red Sox -- RHP Ryan Miller (NYY)
    Orioles -- LHP Trey McGough (PIT)
    Rays -- RHP Enmanuel Mejia (PIT)
    Phillies -- RHP Yoniel Ramirez (SF)
    Mariners -- SS Logan Warmoth (TOR)
    Guardians -- C Michael Berglund (TB)
    Cardinals -- RHP Brandon Komar (SD)
    Mets -- OF Agustin Ruiz (SD)
    Astros -- LHP Bryan King (CHC)
    Dodgers -- RHP Carlo Reyes (PHI)

    Round 3
    Marlins -- RHP Cristian Charle (PIT)
    Angels -- SS Riley Unroe (SEA)
    D-backs -- RHP Peter Solomon (PIT)
    Cubs -- OF Jefferson Encarnacion (PHI)
    Twins -- INF Yoyner Fajardo (PIT)
    Orioles -- C Randy Florentino (TEX)
    Rays -- RHP Nelson Alvarez (NYY)
    Phillies -- RHP Zach Linginfelter (LAA)
    Guardians -- RHP Justin Lewis (AZ)
    Cardinals -- RHP Jose Martinez (LAD)
    Mets -- 2B Jonathan Arauz (BAL)
    Astros -- RHP Manuel Urias (PHI)
    Dodgers -- OF Josh Stowers (TEX)

    Round 4
    Angels -- RHP Willian Suarez (SF)
    Twins -- RHP Seth Nordlin (TEX)
    Phillies -- SS Cameron Cannon (BOS)
    Cardinals -- RHP Ryan Shreve (MIN)
    Mets -- SS Mateo Gil (COL)
    Astros -- LHP Luis Rodriguez (CHC)

    Round 5
    Phillies -- RHP Trey Cobb (NYM)

    Round 6
    Phillies -- C Cody Roberts (BAL)

    Round 7
    Phillies -- INF Oliver Dunn (NYY)
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    Re: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    So, if the REDS chose him in the Rule 5 draft Dec. 7th, 2022, how did he become a Giant so quickly? He seems to fit what we need...an Outfielder who can also Catch. Also, if the REDS were ready to give up on him so quickly, then why didn't we select one of those 4 Pitchers who immediately became Top-30 prospects for their respective teams, especially since we need Pitching so badly?

    Versatile Blake Sabol continues push for Giants' Opening Day roster spot

    Sat, March 11, 2023 at 4:06 PM PST∑5 min read

    Sabol continues strong push for spot on Opening Day roster originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Blake Sabol sat in front of his locker earlier this week, excitedly showing off a couple of new arrivals. He's now the proud owner of orange-and-black gloves with "Sabes" printed on the side, although he might have to choose a new nickname if he makes the Giants roster. Through a month of camp, Sabol has done all he can to make that a real possibility. It's hard to crack an Opening Day roster as a Rule 5 pick, and even trickier when you're a catcher who still is learning the intricacies of catching, but Sabol has shown that the bat might be ready for big-league pitching. He reached base in all five plate appearances Saturday and hit his third homer of the spring, tying him with Michael Conforto for the team lead and getting to 9 for 17 at the plate in Cactus League action.
    Sabol drew two walks, singled to right and put down a two-out bunt single before promptly stealing second. Throughout, he also showed that he might be one of the savvier and faster baserunners on the roster even though he's 6-foot-4, 225 pounds and lugs catcher's gear around.

    The Giants had high expectations for Sabol when camp started. He's exceeding them. "I don't think you can ever expect anybody to come in and produce the way he has produced," manager Gabe Kapler said. "Blake is really locked-in at the plate right now, and ... this is spring training. So I think we can appreciate the quality of his plate appearances, how hard he's hitting the ball. And really the thing that's standing out the most is the baserunning. "Every ball he hits, he's running like it's a regular season game and the game is on the line and I just think that earns a lot of respect from teammates and coaches. He's showing you a lot of different aspects of his game, so we just want to try and get him as many reps as possible for the rest of camp." A day after catching, Sabol started at DH and showed off what would be elite athleticism for a big-league catcher. His first time up, he put down a bunt for a base hit and then stole second. After a single to right in the third, he went first-to-third on Casey Schmitt's single up the middle. The baserunning stood out to Kapler, as well as the fact that he took advantage of the defensive alignment. The two walks came after Sabol already had three hits, a good show of patience from a young hitter trying to make an impact. "He knows that we're always going to get excited about waiting a pitcher out and showing discipline at the plate," Kapler said.

    Sabol's best day came hours after one of his worst of the spring. He struggled defensively on Friday, but the Giants have been happy with how far he has come with the glove after entering camp with fewer than 100 professional games in the squat. "There's positive feedback across the board," from pitchers, Kapler said. "I mean, look, he's not going to get outworked, and when you have somebody that's not going to get outworked you get instant respect from pitchers." After talking to the media, Kapler spent several minutes with Sabol on the dugout bench, laying out what's next. It might be a return to something familiar. The new gloves have plenty of friends in Sabol's locker. He was an outfielder before converting to catcher and also has some experience at first base. That versatility would seem to give him a leg up, but the Giants thus far have used him exclusively as a catcher.

    Kapler and president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said at the start of camp that it would be a four-man competition for two catching jobs, and there's not much clarity nearly a month later. Joey Bart, the incumbent, is 4-for-10 with two doubles and a homer and has done a good job of throwing to bases. Veteran Roberto Perez entered as the likely backup to Bart, and while he hasn't hit much, coaches and pitchers rave about his work behind the plate. Alex Cobb called Perez "a magician" defensively after working with him Saturday. Austin Wynns was an early standout in workouts but is just 1-for-11 in games.
    There might be another path for Sabol, though. Mitch Haniger and Austin Slater are both currently sidelined with injuries, and while the Giants hope both are ready for Opening Day, there's a decent chance they need an extra outfielder when they show up at Yankee Stadium in 19 days. Zaidi bet on Connor Joe in his first season in charge of the Giants and it later became clear that they gave up on him too soon. Sabol comes with the same Rule 5 restrictions: The Giants must have him on their Opening Day roster or offer him back to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    The first possibility is looking more and more likely by the day, and Sabol took a huge step Saturday. As he sat in the dugout afterward, he said it wasn't too difficult to move past a disappointing start Friday and again put his best foot forward. He's always been pretty good at turning the page and taking confidence up to the plate. "Honestly, I was a really cocky little kid," he said, laughing. "My dad always (says), 'Blake, you know why I always thought you were going to make it? It's because you were your own biggest fan.'" Sabol is making plenty of them within the organization, but there's a long way to go. The Giants will continue to work with him behind the plate to see if he can be part of the mix there, but Kapler said Sabol also will see some outfield appearances soon. Sabol is ready for it. "I've got a brand new cool-looking outfield glove that I'm excited to use," he said.
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    Re: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    Pretty sure that was a prearranged deal where the Reds were drafting for the Giants. He was only in the Reds organization for a couple of hours.


    Kingspoint (03-17-2023)

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    Re: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Serafini View Post
    Pretty sure that was a prearranged deal where the Reds were drafting for the Giants. He was only in the Reds organization for a couple of hours.
    Correct. Blake Sabol was traded by the Reds to the Giants for pitching prospect Jake Wong, right after he was drafted by the Reds in the Rule 5 draft.
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    Kingspoint (03-17-2023)

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    Re: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    That's how we got Josh Hamilton, if I remember correctly.

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    Re: Rule 5 draft. Major league and minor league phases

    Quote Originally Posted by Z-Fly View Post
    That's how we got Josh Hamilton, if I remember correctly.
    Correct, via the Cubs. I'm sure they regret that one. Jerry Narron's brother had a lot to do with it, too.

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