I've been a fan since the height of John's popularity in the early and mid '70's. Seen him a good number of times live. Bought most of his records. He's had a Top 10 single in six different decades. With John having such a deep and diverse catalog, I'd expect a pretty wide range of favorite tunes from those who have listened to his music over the years.

I'd be curious as to what you would rate as your top four or five songs of this singer/songwriter. While his hits are terrific, I think some of his best work were some of his lesser known songs. Maybe your favorite is one of his biggest hits or maybe it is a more obscure, hidden gem. Either way, I'd love to hear some of your favorites. Thanks, in advance.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************
I used to know this old scarecrow
He was my song
My joy and sorrow
Cast alone between the furrows
Of a field
No longer sown by anyone
I held a dandelion
That said the time had come
To leave upon the wind
Not to return
When summer burned the earth again
Cultivate the freshest flower
This garden ever grew
Beneath these branches
I once wrote
Such childish words for you
But that's okay
There's treasure children always seek to find
And just like us
You must have had
A once upon a time