Nice to see Dunn get it going his last 4 games after his first 4 games of being pretty quiet.

Don't like to see prolonged struggles early, but it's not the end of the world if it happened. Just don't expect it with Dunn (as he quickly proved that it was just 4 games and not to worry).

He's now walking every game, nearly averaging a steal a game, while also producing a hit per game, for a high average, astronomical OBP, along with being a thief on the basepaths.

I imagine he'll start getting his normal HBP's a few times a week, too, to help boost that OBP even higher, along with his opportunities for stealing bases. He gets hit by a pitch twice as often as India. A patient hitter like Dunn will thrive once he adjusts to Major League pitching. I don't think there's a particular pitch that he struggles with, as he's trying to work the count in his favor whenever he can. If they try to pitch him inside too much, he's willing to take the free base and turn the HBP into a Double making them think twice about pitching inside too often.