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Well, this is one interesting offseason. Not a big fan of Fields if he were coming in as the starter, and we'll have to see how his contract plays out because his fifth year option is untenable (25+ million). We'll now on or by May 2nd. But, for now, he's an affordable backup for a 6th rounder that's unlikely to turn into a fourth unless Wilson gets hurt for an extended period of time.

As for Pickett...what a Milo that guy turned out to be. First, the refusal to suit up for the Seahawks game last year. Then to demand a trade after you've shown nothing but glimpses of promise while you're in a situation where you may only have to be the #2 for a year (or less, potentially) while learning from a vet QB like Wilson? That's beyond delusional. He should have been more careful with what he wished for, because if he thinks that he's going to get more opportunity to play with Jalen Hurts starting in front of him, he's nuts.
I think this is sadly our new generation coming home to roost.

We've seen it in high school but moreso college. The days of riding the bench and working in practice to get better are done and over. Instead of competing for a spot or learning from a veteran (which Pickett could probably learn from Russ), they transfer out or ask for a trade to find a better opportunity.

The only way Pickett sees the field in Philly is if Jalen Hurts gets, well, hurt. And that could very well happen. Either way, Pickett is Chad Pennington 2.0. Probably better suited as a career backup QB.

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