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I think this is pretty accurate. Yesterday, I was on the CB train as the Bengals like drafting CB's early and they do need one (I hope they sign a vet soon). With that said, I would prefer they draft someone in the trenches since both of their lines need improvements.

I'm also with others and don't think they'll trade Tee. I'd be shocked if they do.

And last, the Bengals have a ton of picks and I expect them to bundle some of them to move up in the latter rounds of the draft. While they don't like trading up in round 1, they have shown to be very open to it in later on.
I don't disagree that the Bengals need a CB, but it kinda falls in the same category as offensive line in that it's all people want to invest in.

The last two years they've spent draft capital on Cam Taylor-Britt and DJ Turner. CTB is a rising star but shouldn't we see what we have first in Turner this year? He could break through in year two.

That said they did lose Awuzie and Mike Hilton won't be playing here forever. But a veteran on a cheap contract or even a mid round pick that could be developed would be better than drafting one early.

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