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my summation of the Milton signing


The only thing that bothers about the Milton deal is the out years in 06-07. If this doesn't work and attendance drops they could up trading away their young stars(Dunn adn Kearns I believe) because they don't want to pay them. That's what scares me about the Milton contract. I hope he pitches well in 05 and the Reds are competetive and that they can still afford to pay their young guys. I think 5 years from now baseball will be talking about how good Dunn and Kearns have been, I hope they are still Reds so we can get maximum enjoyment from that.
If you want to blame signing Milton for losing Dunn and Kearns, maybe you should look a little closer.....how about 12.5 mill a year to JR? How about 27 million down the drain to Larkin.

Milton may just be the next bad deal to mess this franchise up, and I guess you can blame the FO for that, but JR was and always will be the death nell for this franchise in the 2000-2009 range.....no body else's contract compares for sheer lunacy.