i realize this is a little late to make this post, but lets be honest, Eric Milton is a joke. 43 HRs given up in 201 innings (average of 5.9 innings per start) He averages one homer given up every 4.6 innings and that number will only increase playing at GABP. So, hes receiving 8.5 million for a 4.75 ERA and those horrible numbers??? Jaret Wright would have been a cheaper, younger and much better option for his club. Wade miller, with a 3.35 ERA, is in Boston right now with with a 1.5 million dollar base salary. SO, would you rather have eric Miltion or Jaret Wright and Wade Miller...both younger and better. I like the signing of Wilson, Ortiz, Randa, Merker, (Ben Webber will be a disaster) but Milton will disappoint just wait.