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Pena is no worse a fielder than Dunn. He just happens to be playing out of position. He's a center fielder.

How come everyone wants to hold Wily Mo up to GREAT standards while Kearns is struggling to reach Kevin Seitzer's career path? Pena is 22 and has shown marked improvement at every stage. However, due to some crazy man-love for Kearns, he's stuck riding the pine while a half-wit like Hal McCoy stares at Kearns and sees Stan Musial. But, I guess we'll all be happy moving Pena for a Bret Tomko-ish prospect and going into next season with Dunn in left, a slow sluggish Griffey in center and Kearns in right. Not sure how that outfield is any better than a Dunn-Pena-Griffey OF. Everyone keeps waiting and waiting and waiting for Kearns to show you half of what Wily Mo has put on display for the past two seasons. Is he perfect? No, but he's going to come a far cry closer to perfect or GREAT than will Kearns, high walk rate or no.
WMP will be 24 at the beginning of next season. He is a lousy fielder. He has trouble getting on base. He does have freakish power, but that is just not enough. I'd rather have Kearns who can play the OF and get on base, albeit without WMP's power. I just think that Kearns is a better fit for the Reds and that WMP shoudl be playing DH in the AL.

As for CF, I don't think there is anyone currently on the Reds roster who should be playing there next year.