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Thread: Official 2005 MLB Prediction Thread

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East - Mets
    Central - Cards
    West - Padres
    Wild Card - Phillies

    NL MVP - Pujols Cy Young - Pedro Pennant - Mets

    AL East - Red Sox
    Central - Twins
    West - A's
    Wild Card - Yanks

    Pennant - Red Sox AL MVP - Ramirez Cy Young - Santana

    WS - Red Sox

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East-Marlins (Best Team in NL for 05)
    NL Central- Cards (Not a whole lotta holes)
    NL West- Padres (Pitching and extra year in Petco all the difference)
    WildCard- Reds (More I think about it, better I like the pick)

    PENNANT- Marlins

    MVP-Pujols (The best hitter period in NL, maybe baseball)
    Cy Young- Hudson

    AL East-Yankees (To much $$ not to be)
    AL Central-Tigers (In a heated 4 team race, a surprise!)
    AL West-Angels (Whatever their called, just call em real good!)
    WildCard-Sawks (They hit the ball wicked hahd)

    PENNANT- Los Angeles/ Anaheim/ California/ Orange County/ Golden State/ ANGELS

    Cy Young- Halladay


    BTW- Did I read it wrong or did someone on here ACTUALLY pick Colorado to be in the WildCard hunt???

    Have you seen that lineup?
    The 03 Tigers may have competition!

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East - Florida. Tough division but their pitching wins out.
    NL Central - Cardinals. Murderer's Row keeps them atop the central even with what I think will be sub-par pitching.
    NL West - Padres. Most under-rated pitching staff in baseball in my opinion.
    NL Wildcard - Reds. We get just enough pitching to squeak into the playoffs, not nearly enough to make a deep run though.

    NL Pennant - Florida. I think guys like Beckett and Burnett really turn in outstanding years, especially under the guidance of a vet like Al Leiter.

    NL MVP - Adam Dunn. I think he has a very similar year to last year but people sit up and notice this season when we make the playoffs.

    NL Cy Young - Josh Beckett. This is the year the blisters stay away.

    AL East
    - Yankees. RJ and the rest of the revamped pitching staff get them back to the Series.
    AL Central - Twins. Pitching pitching pitching.
    AL West - Mariners. Ichiro flirts with .400 all year and Beltre and Sexson both come up big.

    AL Pennant - Yankees. Ugh...

    AL MVP - Ichiro, and by a lot. As good as he was last year, I think he really just has a monster season this year.

    AL Cy Young - Randy Johnson. Wouldn't be a bit surprised to see 25+ wins with that potent lineup behind him.

    - Marlins. In a rematch from a few years back the Marlins once again beat the Yanks.

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    "BTW- Did I read it wrong or did someone on here ACTUALLY pick Colorado to be in the WildCard hunt???

    Have you seen that lineup?
    The 03 Tigers may have competition!"

    How about:

    "Have you seen that pitching staff?" (At Coors)

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by traderumor
    jmclain, how could Peavy win the AL Cy Young?

    They are all the same anyway right?


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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East-FLA
    NL Cent-STL
    NL West-LOS

    AL East-BOS
    AL Cent-CLE
    AL West-OAK

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East: Atlanta
    NL Cent: St. Louis
    NL West: San Diego
    NL WC: Florida

    AL East: NY Yankees
    AL Cent: Minnesota
    AL West: Anaheim
    AL WC: Boston

    NL Cy Young: Hudson
    NL MVP: Pujols

    AL Cy Young: Randy Johnson
    AL MVP: Ichiro

    Angels over Florida in WS
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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East: Atlanta
    NL Central: St. Louis
    NL West: San Diego
    Wild Card: Florida

    AL East: Boston
    AL Central: Minnesota
    AL West: Anaheim
    Wild Card: Cleveland

    NL MVP: Pujols
    AL MVP: Santana
    NL CY: Oliver Perez or Carlos Zambrano
    AL CY: Santana or Rich Harden
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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by jmcclain19

    They are all the same anyway right?


    AL = lame fake baseball with some guy who doesn't play the field

    NL = The real stuff

    Go Gators!

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    Oh heck, why not.

    NL Central - Cardinals ( :thumbdown )
    NL East - Marlins
    NL West - Padres
    NL Wild Card - Braves (if the pitching holds up...lots of injury history there)

    NL Pennant - Marlins
    NL MVP - Carlos Beltran
    NL Cy Young - Pedro Martinez

    AL East - Yankees
    AL Central - Twins
    AL West - Angels
    Wild Card - Red Sox

    AL Pennant - Angels
    AL MVP - Vlad Guerrero
    AL Cy Young - Johan Santana

    World Series - Angels over Marlins

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread


    Atlanta Braves - Every year we hear about how the latest Braves team doesn't look so good on paper. Then the team goes out and wins the division. This edition looks to have five starters primed and ready for the season and Andruw destroyed the baseball in Florida. He's got to have a career year one of these seasons, might as well do it in 2005. Main thing is that things will go right. Something always goes right for this team.

    Florida Marlins - It's their Kill Arthur Dent team. It can't fail. It won't. The Marlins can get themselves a wild card, which is what they really want. They can't seriously be thinking about starting Scuffy Moehler, can they?

    New York Mets - Could be a real fun team - power, runs, defense. The bullpen looks shaky and Kaz Matsui probably needs to get flushed, but the Carlos Beltran era could get off to a decent start.

    Philadelphia Phillies - Maybe they'll score a zillion runs, but they're not a young team and the pitching looks to be in a backwards force march. At least Philly fans should have something to boo.

    Les Nationals de Washington - Shouldn't Vinny Castilla be sent to the minors for the same reasons Endy Chavez was? Brendan Harris is a better player. Should be the best last place team in baseball. Tough division.


    St. Louis Cardinals - Mark Mulder sure looks healthy so far. If he is, this team skates. Looks like Bill Pulsipher will be reunited with Jason Isringhausen. Quick, trade 'em Paul Wilson!

    Houston Astros - What? This has got to be a typo. Am I out of my mind? I must be. Looks like they've got their pitching in order and they'll figure out the offense, particularly when Lance Berkman returns.

    Pittsburgh Pirates - All Graham Koonce all the time. Seriously, how can you bet against a team with guys named Oliver, Kip and Tike? It's like giving the cold shoulder to the Little Rascals.

    Chicago Cubs - Nomar Garciaparra is going to have a huge year. So is Derrek Lee, but the starting pitchers outside of Carlos Zambrano are in various states of disarray.

    Cincinnati Reds - Ramon Ortiz and Eric Milton attempt to impress NASA with their ability to get balls launched into orbit. P.S. (for the Reds front office) instead of looking for guys who "know" how to win, how about getting guys who can play well enough to win?

    Milwaukee Brewers - The real question is how many guys in the opening day starting lineup still have starting jobs in Milwaukee when the season ends.


    San Diego Padres - Somebody's got to win this division.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles - And somebody's got to finish second.

    Arizona Diamondbacks - And third.

    San Francisco - Sure, they don't need Barry Bonds. They've got a great team without him.

    Colorado Rockies - Good to know that Dan O'Dowd can finally be himself. For the longest time he was an incompetent trapped in a GM's body.

    Wild Card - Florida Marlins
    MVP - Albert Pujols
    Cy Young - Jake Peavy
    Rookie of the Year - Chris Burke


    New York Yankees - They could fall apart, but I believe in angst and there isn't enough of it in Boston these days.

    Boston Red Sox - I secretly suspect the Sox loved what Pokey Reese did defensively at 2B and their hope is, later in the season, Hanley Ramirez can approximate it and maybe have a clue at the plate too.

    Tampa Bay Devil Rays - I typed Baltimore, then Toronto, then Baltimore, then Toronto, then thought, "What the hell, Tampa Bay."

    Baltimore Orioles - Sammy's too legit to quit. Todd Williams and Bruce Chen could be in the pen. Someone locate Mark Kroon, stat!

    Toronto Blue Jays - Unquestionably the best team in Canada.


    Minnesota Twins - Actually they've already mathematically clinched this puppy. The only real drama is whether Kyle Lohse turns into a pitcher. Corky Miller becomes a legend this October.

    Cleveland Indians - Juan Gonzalez? Has his druggist cleared him to play? Jhonny Peralta looks like he's on the brink of a breakout season.

    Chicago White Sox - At least people taunted the Red Sox about their World Series drought. I sometimes wonder if folks recognize the White Sox's existence enough to realize theirs just hit 87 years, 88 after this season.

    Detroit Tigers - The organization sits down and, after agreeing all will be fine after all their prospects arrive, terror sets in when the realize they have no prospects.

    Kansas City Royals - Swear to God I almost forgot to list them. This team is so bad should be contracted and the 1985 World Series trophy should be given to the Cardinals along with Don Denkinger's head.


    Oakland A's - Yep, Billy Beane's just rebuilding. Can't compete this year. Nope. No reason to worry about the A's.

    Anaheim Angels - Cast adrift without David Eckstein's mojo to guide them ... that and a really sucky team OB.

    Texas Rangers - They'll hit better this year, Mark Texeira in particular, but they'll make sure to bow out of the limelight so nothing interrupts microscopic detail coverage of the Cowboys preseason.

    Seattle Mariners - Hey Bill Bavasi, your team can't pitch. Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre are going to be two of the unhappiest multi-millionaires on the planet when they start playing in Safeco.

    Wild Card - Boston Red Sox
    MVP - Eric Chavez
    Cy Young - Johan Santana, because he's the best pitcher alive
    Rookie of the Year - Gabe Gross
    MLB free agent

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    Great stuff, M2. That's head and shoulders better than any of the pre-season stuff I've read on ESPN or any other media outlet for that matter.

    But you're missing your playoff prediction.

    Kansas City Royals - Swear to God I almost forgot to list them. This team is so bad should be contracted and the 1985 World Series trophy should be given to the Cardinals along with Don Denkinger's head.
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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL East-Braves
    NL Central-Cards
    NL West-Padres
    NL Wildcard-Marlins

    NL MVP-Albert Pujols
    NL Cy Young-John Smoltz
    NL Pennant-Marlins

    AL East-Yankees
    AL Central-Twins
    AL West-A's
    AL Wildcard-Angels

    AL MVP-Mark Texiera
    AL Cy Young-Johan Santana
    AL Pennant-Twins

    World Series-Twins

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    NL Central - Cardinals
    NL East - Braves (this is getting really old and boring MLB)
    NL West - Padres
    NL Wildcard - Fish

    Cardinals over Braves
    Fish over Pads

    NLCS - Fish over Cards

    AL East - Yank$
    AL Central - Twins
    AL West - Angels
    AL Wildcard - Red $ox

    Yank$ over Twins
    Red $ox over Halos

    Made for TV ratings ALCS - Yank$ over Red $ox

    World Series - Yank$

    And again baseball really doesn't matter anywhere but Boston and New York

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    Re: Official MLB Prediction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MWM
    But you're missing your playoff prediction.
    I try to avoid making those in the preseason. How the playoffs turn out is affected by how teams are playing late in the season and how well all their additions fit in with the rest of the team.

    If I had to make a random guess, how about a Braves-Twins World Series with John Smoltz getting payback for 1991 by throwing a game seven classic (and winning)?
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