Hi all,

I've recently noticed an unusually high number of posts within threads that request that a previous post in the same thread be addressed by an administrator/moderator due to a perception that the post violates the rules of the board. Along these same lines, I've also seen users requesting a thread be closed or deleted, and also, users requesting a ban or suspension for other users. Going forward, the administrators and moderators do NOT want to see any of these type of things in threads. GIK and I have appointed the current moderators because we have full confidence that they are all capable of enforcing the rules and guidelines that we have established for the site. We don't need users trying to play moderator when the moderators we have ALL do a great job helping run the site. Though I'm sure some individuals will feel I'm singling them out with this thread, I'm truly not - but based on conversations the admins and mods have had, I think it's fair to say that we're all getting tired of seeing these things repeatedly occur.

Here is how you should handle a post that you feel violates the rules of the site: please click on the "Report Bad Post" icon that appears in the bottom left hand corner of each individual post. Along with reporting the post, please include your reasoning as to why you feel action should be taken against this post and/or poster. Please do not send the administrators and/or moderators private messages for requests such as this; instead, use the built in feature of reporting a post you feel compromises the rules of the board. When you report a post, the post you are reporting and your rationale is sent to ALL administrators and moderators. Please let me know if you have any questions about this new policy. Thanks.