AL Biggest Flop: Blue Jays -- everybody is crawling in to their jocks because they spent some money, but they still have an average offense and a shallow bullpen. I think they're entering Orioles territory, not Sox or Yankees. (84 wins)

AL Surprise: A's -- not sure if you can call them a surprise, but I'm going out on a limb and picking them as the AL rep in the World Series. (95 wins)

NL Bust: Braves -- This is the year... They won't always get all-star performances from their rookies, the pen is very shaky, and Smoltz is on borrowed time. This year the Mets dethrone them. (85 wins)

NL Surprise: Brewers -- Everybody is picking them to bust out, but I think they bust out much more quickly than anticipated. They take it down to the wire with the Cardinals and end up nabbing the wild card. (92 wins)