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The Hardball Times have their staff picks up.


Lee Sinins NL Central Picks:


I wish I could hold him to it. :

No one else has the Reds above 4th and most have 'em bring up the rear.
Not so,
Joe Sheehan also has the Reds 2nd.

The Reds have the most upside of the other five teams, and they could be interesting if they somehow managed to stay under 850 runs allowed. I donít really see it happening; they have a below-average rotation and poor bullpen pitching in front of what might be the NLís worst defense in a very good hittersí park. In a best-case scenario, their five starters stay healthy and provide league-average performance, while some combination of Ryan Wagner (who I really like this year), Matt Belisle and Todd Coffey emerge as a 1-2 combination in the bullpen.

Cardinals    94   68      850   730
Reds         83   79      901   879
Cubs         83   79      764   753
Astros       80   82      681   687
Brewers      77   85      710   741
Pirates      67   95      669   788