I was in a bar last night watching the KC-StL game. A blurb came up on the screen that the reds were losing 7-0. Dandy. I continued watching the game and cheered for Kansas City. Finally the scores of the other games came up at the bottom of the screen after the game:

Cle 8
Cin 9

Dunn: WO GS

I honestly thought I was too drunk to understand. How could that have happened? That doesn't happen, right? To anybody? To the Reds? To Dunn?

Then I saw it. They replayed it several times, actually, forcing me to shout "joy! Look at the joy!!" every time it came on and making everyone turn around to watch it (for the love of God, LOOK at Scott Hatteberg, the man has joy spilling out of his pores every time one of his teammates crosses the plate).

I could not believe it. I cannot believe it. But I can, too, because you can watch baseball for a hundred years and never, ever see anything like this, but the entire reason you DO watch it is because you know it can happen any game, no matter how bad the team, no matter who's on the mound. It can happen to the most unusual suspects too, the most random batters. But I'll take Adam Dunn.

I've been saying a lot about the team the last few months, being afraid to jinx them when they're good, cursing them when they're bad...and I loathe the bullpen, and I know we have other problems...but off the record, intangibly speaking, I truly believe now that this is a special team. We have had some horrendous losses this season, but we have had wins that I don't feel like I even deserve from the Reds. I am going to remember this team for a long time, and I couldn't say that before last night. What a player, what a team, what a year.