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I don't know what the question is, but the answer most assuredly doesn't involve any combination of the following gentlemen:

1.) Kent Mercker
2.) David Weathers
3.) Chris Hammond
4.) Rick White
5.) Joe Mays
6.) Eric Milton
7.) Esteban Yan
8.) Jason Standridge
9.) Brian Shackleford in anything other than a LOOGY capacity
10.) Mike Burns

There's an answer to be found, though. Just that these guys aren't it. You can keep answering the question incorrectly, or you can try something else and hope to get it right. If Krivsky is playing for 2007/2008, then I understand just dogging it this year, not making an rash moves, and rebuilding the club in the offseason -- but if he's playing to win this year, he's doing a damned strange job of it when it comes to making a pitching staff.
No one doubts the garbage, but who is out there to acquire? Bullpens are exceptionally shallow throughout the majors, not too many quality pen guys are changing hands right now.
Maybe there have been many deals on the table, but Wayne just will not overpay for middle relievers right now.....which is the best thing for this club in the very near term.