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GREAT!!! Then, my life will be complete! I can die a happy man!!

I've been on MANY Boards, including SteelerNation, that are run the EXACT SAME WAY - by a couple dudes in their spare time. Guess what - it looks EXACTLY LIKE THIS SITE, except for a few advertizements. Donation is OPTIONAL, and there's no Freakin' Elitist BS Zone you have to "APPLY" for.

Other than that, I see your point.


Thanks for the sarcastic response to my good faith effort at commiseration.

Look, I'm not questioning your membership on other boards. I never assumed you were a novice, although posting on other boards by no means makes you qualified to immediately jump to the ORG. The fact that you just joined in February and have 41 posts suggests that you are relatively new by any measure. It takes awhile to understand how things work, and IMO that is for the best.

In my experience, the quality of posts on RedsZone (or at least on the ORG) tends to be higher than the quality on other sports boards I've been on. That's a product of the vision of Boss, GIK, and others. That's what attracted me to this site initially, and that's what keeps me coming back. As I understand it, they wanted to try something different, to try for a Reds community that could be held to a higher standard of analysis and politeness than your run-of-the-mill sports board.

If that's not something you aspire to, then so be it, but calling it an "Elitest BS Zone" is not constructive for anyone. If you don't like it, feel free to post elsewhere. No one is stopping you.