I would suggest to the moderators they institute something to replace the old reputation system . Right now the posters on The Sun Deck are posting, and they have no clue whether they are making a wonderful post or an absolutely terrible one. I will not mince words- I absolutely hated the old reputation system. There were a lot of established posters who were judging new posters based on their opinion, and not the quality of their posts. I had my reputation value go down because an established poster didn't like a thread I created about Hamilton replacing Adam Dunn. In hindsight, I look pretty smart if the Reds trade Dunn and count on Hamilton to replace his production. That being said, I would favor some sort of grading system that grades posters on the quality of their posts. I would be more willing to have an extended wait trying to hear whether or not I would be accepted into the Old Red Guard if I knew how I was doing with the quality of my posts. I believe it would greatly improve the quality of posts on The Sun Deck.