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To each his own. I still don't like acquisitions like Coats and Ellison because they bring nothing to the team. And they do delay young, cheap talent from getting to the majors quicker, as we've seen with Votto, who I think had a wonderful spring and hit the cover off the ball in AAA and now at the MLB level (the culprit here was Conine), so it's opinion. My opinion. Whether it agrees even with the majority on here or whether it does not matters not. If my opinion is that I don't like moves Krivsky makes, it's my opinion and if it does not jive with yours, I'm sorry.

It is possible that delaying Votto as they did ensured that when he did comeup he was major league ready.

I don't think that if Votto maded the team in the spring, and got 200 AB's this year, that he would likely be as good as he is now.

There's nothing wrong with allowing players to reach the majors at a time when they are truly ready.

And, of course, it's possible that Votto would have hit right off the bat if he stayed.