NLDS - Rockies over Phillies, 3-1

No reason. Just call it a hunch. The Phillies starting pitching is suspect. The Rockies can put runs on the board.

NLDS - Diamondbacks over Cubs, 3-2

As M2 mentioned, Brandon Webb will be the difference.

ALDS - Red Sox over Angels, 3-2

Because I need the Sox to win this series. But it will be close. Vlad will win one game all by himself.

ALDS - Yankees over Indians 3-0

The Yankees offense will be too much for a non-playoff tested staff.

NLCS - Rockies over Diamondbacks 4-3

This will be an exciting series, but it will be sloppy as this will be the weakest mathup in Championship Series history. They should just extend the AL playoffs to 8 teams and forget about the NL. I don't think any of the NL playoff teams could beat the 5 or 6 team in the AL.

ALCS - Yankees over Red Sox 4-3

Revenge for 2004. The Sox will take a 3-0 lead only to have the Yankees come back nd win 4 straight.

World Series - Yankees over Rockies 4-0

Another dull World Series as this will be a complete mismatch. Game 1 will be close. The rest will be blowouts. MVP - A-Rod in his last game as a Yankee before he signs another $200MM contract with the Cubs.