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Just got done watching.

Gotta say, that was on of the worst announcing jobs and broadcasts in general that I've seen.

I assume they produce like this just becasue it's spring training, and it's the away team, but twice they missed AB's coming back from commercial and missed a couple of AB's with a feature on how slow Frank Thomas is. I guess it's forgivable because they're in the A.L. East and never see the N.L. Central, but they knew NOTHING about the Reds. Hard to watch. I never watch the Blue Jays, but I really think I know more about the Blue Jays than these professional announcers know about the Reds.

By the way, watching Eckstein's cro hop from across the diamond is still adorable this year as it was in prior season.
Just got done watching myself, and yea', it was pretty rough.

I'm not quiet sure what Citytv is, but that production was in no way typical of what you usually see during spring training! You get much better from even the MLB webcasts. Trust me on this Gainsville, those were not the pro announcers for the Blue Jays and this was the absolute worst broadcast of a game I've ever seen during spring training. If you've just bought the spring training package, don't let this game influence you.

The thing is, I realized this pretty early in the game. So while I can see where others might have gotten a bit peeved, I was able to enjoy the Frank Thomas and Alex Rios bits.

My favorite though was really toward the end. Yes, I stayed for it all.

"Blondie": Now, if you wanna' be a major league baseball manager and your not too worried about getting a prom date, then this is the game for you. It's Stratomatic Baseball. It's sort of the Dungeon and Dragons of baseball, and it's the game that manager (?) J.P. Ricciardi used to play when he was a kid.
"J.P." says, "These kinda' guys would be hanging around with like the Stars Wars guys. The Stratomatic Guys and the Star Wars aren't too far apart.