OK, I just read an article at ESPN dot dumb that made no sense...am I missing something, here?

Here's the link.

Patterson, finding cheap steals
posted: Friday, March 7, 2008 | Feedback | Print Entry
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A few years ago, I was in Las Vegas, as I am on this fine Friday, and I found myself drafting an NL-only fantasy baseball team with others in the industry. Early on I went for the hitters, as I always do, but for some reason I wasn't getting any speed to go with the power. Albert Pujols, Carlos Lee and Andruw Jones did their jobs and even ran some, but my team was lacking in stolen bases. I knew it.

So midway through the draft, I took a few chances with open outfield slots, reaching on what fantasy owners refer to as cheap speed. Hey, in 2004 Endy Chavez stole 32 bases for the Montreal Expos, and Pittsburgh's Tike Redman stole 18. I knew these weren't great baseball players, but they had jobs, they had speed, I drafted them based strictly on need and figured I'd get about 50 steals. Hey, they had done it in 2004!

Well, things didn't quite work out. Neither kept their jobs, of course, nor are starters today, and in the year I needed them to run a lot they combined for all of six stolen bases in 233 games. My team had essentially punted stolen bases, and it didn't win. Never again, I swore.
Where does he talk about Patterson and the Reds...I get the comparison but where does he mention Patterson or the Reds in the article?

With a headline like Patterson, finding cheap steals you'd expect at least a mention in an article.

I hate ESPN!