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RMR I think this was an important cog of the trade. When you commit a lot of money to a particular player you have not only take the player on the field but you also take the player off the field. The Reds management, especially Jocketty, had to make a decision on Dunn. Maybe they thought what Dunn brought to the field as well as the clubhouse wasn't worth the long term commitment. Maybe they felt that 8 years of losing had a substantial impact on Dunn and his attitude and it was time to part ways.

Winning teams play a different brand of baseball. I have seen it many times when the Cards come into town. I saw it last season when the Angles came to town. You see it when you watch the Red Sox play. I don't mean to knock Dunn but maybe the Reds felt that his personality, drive, desire to win wasn't going to work with the direction or commitment that the FO was heading towards.

Maybe the "idiot" PDoc was onto something. Maybe, just maybe, the stat guys love Dunn too much yet the traditionalist undvervalue Dunn. His offense will be tough to replace but his defense sure won't. Maybe the Reds felt they needed to go in a different direction and that direction was without Dunn.
I've heard the same things about A-Rod year after year. Even the guys in the clubhouse have voiced the same concerns. Yet, the Yankees re-signed the guy for big bucks. Want to know why? He produces.

Manny Ramirez is one of the biggest head cases in baseball and has been for years. A lot of people in Boston wondered whether the guy was there for the team. That didn't stop Boston from winning 2 WS with his poor defense and poor attitude.