You can now request to join the Old Red Guard forum directly from your User CP (under Miscellaneous | Group Memberships). Please note that the minimum requirements for application are six months of membership and 200 posts. Additionally, each user can only be voted upon once every three months. If the inital nomination/application is rejected, a minimum of three months must pass before the second nomination/application, another minimum of three months before the third nomination/application and finally, six months before a fourth nomination/application. However, a user may only be voted on a maximum of three times in a calendar year. This is so that sufficient time passes and so that the user's posts can be reviewed before another vote take place. Additionally, we reserve the right to reject any nomination if the member prefers to apply when he or she is ready.

The minimum requirements for an ORG member to nominate you are three months of membership and 100 posts. Voting runs until enough votes have been recorded for a decision to reached and you will be contacted if at least 75% of a minimum of 50 total ORG votes approve your application or nomination. If possible, we will do our best to provide users with a reason as to why they did not make the vote (but only if this information is obvious from the discussion thread). If someone has already nominated you for ORG access, your application will be ignored. All nominations take precedent over applications. Finally, applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.