On July 4th, my fiancee Erin and I took a ghost tour to the Grove at Gettysburg. When we were there last year, our guide had told us to not enter the Grove. This time, the guide did allow us to enter. While in there, he told us of a story about a ghost that had been seen there recently. It was the spirit of a 13 year old girl named Elizabeth. She was a mentally disturbed girl who wandered away from home shortly after the war, traumatized by the fighting that had occurred there, and committed suicide. Our guide reported that he had seen her on two occasions. The first time, he shined his flashlight on her, and she hissed at him while moving her body into a lunging position. The second time he said she was seen while he told a group the story about his first encounter, and this time, she was just pacing back and forth in the woods behind him.

Erin and I had already been planning on going out later that night on our own to explore the area. It was Erin's idea to go out around dead time (3:00 AM). We went down to the grove, and as I approached the woods, something inside the trees threw something at me. Erin ran and refused to go in any further. I snapped some photos, which I just now looked at.

If you look at the pictures, you can see the shape of what appears to be a woman in spectral form, somewhat skeletal in appearance.