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Yeah, I agree. I don't disagree with Dusty there. But considering the situation, the young kid usually doesn't feel the pressure as much and a big hit there can really turn him around. But Bruce's been struggling and Rolen's pretty dependable with pitchers from both sides. Like I said, I don't disagree with it...but I PERSONALLY would've taken the other path.

Regardless, some nice pitching by the Reds tonight. Stubbs showing some MORE pop and patience at the dish. And Hanigan showing everyone that he's not going to just HAND the starters role back over to Hernandez. Double-digit RBI'S baby! hehe. :O)
My wife and I were at the game tonight and I was amazed at Stubbs' power. He didn't even get all of that ball.

Disappointing game with the loss, but a beautiful night for a game.