I had a GREAT time at the game yesterday although I didn't win any free stuff, LOL : Joey had a great day and I loved that he looked like he was having fun. I worry about him sometimes as the resident Joey Votto fangirl but he was just playing hard like always and having a blast. All the guys actually looked like they were having fun yesterday which was pretty cool. I actually went to all three games this weekend and aside from the offense being asleep on Friday night, everyone still looked pretty strong and ready to play more games. I have a lot more thoughts about this weekend's games and the Reds in general but I went to bed last night (and woke up this morning) with a sore throat so my thoughts and a few great pictures I got at the games will have to wait until I feel a little better. I'm struggling through work today so hopefully I survive the day without feeling any worse.

This game was a GREAT way to end the season though and I have to tell you something else. The crowd yesterday (all 20,000+) was on their feet cheering and going bonkers for that last out yesterday and if the Reds can play well and put themselves in a good spot for next year, the crowds WILL be there and they will be awesome. The games I've been to with small crowds this year have been some of the most enthusiastic fans I've ever seen at GABP. Can you imagine how rowdy we'll all be if we're cheering for a contender next year?! That would be awesome. GO REDS.