that is the question I ask of fellow Redszoners.

I'm curious what people think of the concept of trade vetoing. When should it be done? How often? I've been the commissioner of an NL-only league for several years. We've gone through some change and I generally don't like to veto.

However, we have cut back what we affectionately call "dump" trades, where one or more high-priced players in the final year of their contracts (auction league) are traded for players to be named later - usually high-value, low-priced stars that are being used on the current team.

Well, it used to be you could do this starting in June. This year we moved it back to August and next year we're doing away with it entirely.

In the meantime, to get around the fact these types of trades were moved until late in the year, an owner tried trading Mike Stanton, Tyler Colvin, Dexter Fowler and a couple of b-prospects (Derek Norris among others) for Lincecum, Tulowitzki, Wright and Upton.

I don't generally like to veto trades, but I decided this was simply not up to snuff. I nixed it and he's upset at me. The other owner wanted Stanton and said most of the other guys he wanted were just traded to other teams building for the future, and he didn't see much left to trade for. Accordingly, he was willing to trade whatever it took to get Stanton.

What is your take on this kind of trade and what's your philosophy on vetoes?