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MLBTR has a link up saying that the Mariners are demanding a major league ready stud catcher. You know what I draw the line at Devin Mesoraco. He stays.

I will not give him up for a rental. Haren, Greinke, even Oswalt yeah I think about it. But not for a rental. Catchers putting up a .950 OPS stay.
I don't really believe the rhetoric that is flying fast and furiously from major league FOs. We're seeing a lot of posturing through leaks that are basically playing local beat guys...

It's not likely that the Ms are demanding a "stud young catcher" for 2 months of Lee. It's not likely the Ms mentioned Votto's name in a trade for Lee. Seriously.

I think we should be extremely skeptical of the click generators on this issue and just patiently wait for what actually goes down which will probably be something less than a Ramos/Hicks haul. If the Twins really had offered Ramos/Slowey, the Ms would've likely been all over it.