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I'm with Roy.

I don't care if they weren't expected to be good this year. They were good and they made the playoffs and with that expectations change. Goals and expectations are fluid.

They choked. Screwed the pooch. It was brutal. My blood pressure did not enjoy it. My wife did not not enjoy it (because I didn't...lol). My liver did not enjoy it.

I'm pretty pissed. I don't give a rats behind for next year right now. I'm mad. I've waited 15 years and have been thoroughly disappointed these past three days. Great, some are eternal optimists and everything is great. Good for you. But please don't tell me or Roy that we shouldn't be upset.
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Seriously, do you REALLY believe that?

Tell me, how many people actually thought the Reds would have a good shot at winning the World Series? You wanna be upset about this game? Go ahead. But, in my eyes at least, things aren't quite as bad as you seem to want to make them. Great year, very promising future. You're going to complain because the championship didn't happen in year 1? Really? Nah, I don't buy that. I'm disappointed about this week, but VERY happy about this year.
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Spoken like a true fan.

No need to sugarcoat it. They layed an egg after Votto's sac fly.

I don't know what some Reds fans expect, but just because they have young talent does not guarantee trips to the postseason each year. Even if they win 91 games next year, the Cards or Cubs might win 92 and the Reds might be watching from home.
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Yep, they DID screw up. But if people want to say that they threw away their only chance and won't have another chance for 15 years.... take a breath, count to 10, whatever.