Welcome back to the League of Reds Nation - The Ultimate Dynasty - Year 2

So far 10 owners have signed in to play again this year. We are still waiting for Brutus the Pimp to sign up, but he said he was going to play.

HumnHilghtFreel has decided to drop out of the league provided we can find a replacement owner, which shouldn't be a problem.

If anybody out there would like to take over HumnHilghtFreel's team just drop me a PM. The team is not bad, definitely has potential. This is a dynasty league, which means you can keep all 30 of your players.

As soon as all 12 owners are signed into the league I will enter the rosters so we can start making trades and planning our strategy for the draft and the season.

Everyone is encouraged to post in this thread. Please share your thoughts, concerns, smack talk, banter and trade ideas so we can all discuss them as a group. An active league is a fun league.

Once everyone gets registered for the league I will be able to add all our players to our rosters. I will need to know which 30 players you want to keep. You might have had more than 30 players at the end of the season if you had players on the Disabled List. You can view your roster from last season on the website by going to your Yahoo fantasy profile and selecting last year's league, or you can select 2010 from the dropdown box on the league homepage.

We will have a 5 round draft this year. It will be a slow draft (10 hours per pick) and will begin sometime around March 10th-17th so we can see what happens in Spring Training before we draft. The draft order will be the reverse of last year's final standings and will be a straight draft.

Season 2 Draft Order:
1) Joseph
2) HumnHilghtFreel Replacement Owner
3) thatcoolguy_22
4) Captain Hook
5) HayPay
6) Tornon
7) IowaRed
8) reds1869
9) Vada Pinson Fan
10) Bumstead
11) Brutus the Pimp
12) AtomicDumpling

The Waiver Priority to begin the season will be the same as the draft order.

Season 2 Draft:
The draft will be a straight draft consisting of five rounds. Draft order will be the reverse of prior year's standings. You may not exceed the roster size limit. If you are at the limit when it is your turn to draft you must drop a player before you can draft a player. The dropped player will become draftable immediately -- the next team owner in the draft may select the droppped player without waiting for him to clear waivers. Players added to the Yahoo player pool after the draft begins are not eligible to be drafted and will be placed on waivers after the draft is over. When all five rounds are completed, the commissioner will set a date and time when all undrafted players will be eligible to be added on a first come, first served basis.

I am glad to have all you guys back again for another great season of fantasy baseball. I have some good plans in store to hopefully kick the league up another notch to keep it fresh, interesting and exciting this season. We have some teams that have stressed the youth movement that should start seeing some big improvements this year.

Please feel free to begin posting your thoughts on the league message board and in our league thread in the Fantasy Island section of Redszone.

As soon as everyone signs into the league and I get the rosters entered we can begin making trades. Obviously we won't be able to add any free agents before the draft.

Can't wait to get started!

-- Atomic Dumpling