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Did anyone ever think that it is useful as a motivational tool? Why are incentives written into contracts? Why do we have grades in school? Not a big deal, oh and I guess they weren't going to let him pitch the 9th just to get his innings.
And I think I did say that at the bottom of my post, didn't I?

Probably like you, I have been following the Reds for ages. I just cannot recall the constant talking about getting guys certain numbers. Saying it out loud. No doubt it's always gone on, and as you say, is certainly a motivational tool. If I'm Votto, I want to hit one out and get 30, and if I'm Bruce, I'd really like to get to 100 RBI.

Maybe I'm getting senile, but I can't ever recall a Reds manager talking so much about something that doesn't really involve winning baseball games.