We have opted to make the Politics and Religion Talk sub-forum available only on an opt-in basis to ensure people review and agree to the below basic rules surrounding the sub-forum:

  • The current moderators never agreed to moderate this sub-forum, as it did not exist at the time they were appointed. As a result, they are not expected to moderate this area any more than they want to do so.
  • As a result of the above, we are relying on those that opt-in to largely self police the sub-forum. In no way does that mean that "anything goes", but for the aforementioned reason, the sub-forum will be moderated far less than other areas of the site.
  • If egregious violations of site rules occur, we encourage you to report the offending post(s) for administrator/moderator review. Please ensure that posts clearly violate site rules and do not report posts because you more or less do not agree with the viewpoint expressed.
  • If necessary, we strongly recommend you use the ignore feature rather than continually bickering with people over topics you'll never find common ground on. We will have very little patience if and when we see this occur and the ignore feature is not used.
  • Repeated warnings and infractions are grounds for suspensions including a permanent ban from this sub-forum.

To request access to the sub-forum, please go to your User CP (located here) and click "Group Memberships". This only must be done one time; once approved by an administrator or moderator, you will have access to this sub-forum until if and when you change your mind and contact one of us.

Please keep these simple rules in mind to do your part to make for a civil environment.